Thursday, December 22, 2011

something new...

FEED [1] bracelets are here.  

Image is doubled stranded...cost $17.00

Aren't they cute?  

I love the copper hammered look.  [thank you Nic!]

Just the hammered circle stamped with FEED [1] Orphan james 1:27
FEED [1] Orphan True love is the burden

is $10.00...make into a bracelet [single strand, for double strand add $2.00]for $15.00  
 the copper stamped ring with a heart [just the stamped ring and heart] $20.00
make the stamped ring with heart into a bracelet[single strand, for double add $2.00] its $25.00

we have different color wrappings for your bracelet...the shiny one is a bronzy color...turquoise [lighter and darker]  lavender, brown, yellow tan, 
Both are amazing.  stylish.  unique.  

single stranded $15.00

We will have these at abeanTOgo tomorrow.

You can contact us if you'd like to purchase online...

all proceeds go directly to Africa to feed orphans.  We talk no monies into our own pocket.

Have a blessed Christmas eve, eve, eve!

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  1. I have just seen this beautiful bracelet through my frien Love and I was wondering if you have any for sale? If so, will you email me at