Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What has this world come to?!

As I was reading a blog post on a fellow bloggers blog today...the thought hit me.


Yes I'm saying that with a bit of frustration.
A world where we treat our animals better than we do our children?  WHAT?  This is not our Jesus or His heart.
Let us pray.  Pray for God's hand to change this country.  That we would value a baby or child above our animals.  that children would not have to live like animals anymore.

this fellow blogger wrote [<---click that to read more] with a heart for change and preparation...

This, dear friends, is the reality of the institutionalized child. Many of them live in conditions our hearts cannot comprehend. They lie in cribs day in and day out and their only source of stimulation is the bars on their crib which they bang their heads on. Some will even gnaw on the cribs they are forced to live in just for some sort of stimulation (think caged animals!). Most of them are drugged—not with some mild sedative to help them asleep at night—no, they are drugged with adult tranquilizers to make them sleep 24/7. Most of these children live on diets which consist of some form of liquid mush—they have no idea how to even chew food at five years or six years of age. The tiny confines of a crib and a horribly inadequate diet ensure that they are severely malnourished. Truly, most of these precious children quickly get reduced to mere breathing corpses in the horrendous environments they live in.

AS I read this.  My heart hurt.  Instead of sitting in my emotions...I prayed.  I cried out and asked the God who sees this happening to Please change the way we view children.  The way we treat them.  To LOVE them the way He loves us.  

16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. HEBREWS 4:16

Family let us come boldly for these kids. Let our God hear our hearts.  May He move us to action if need be...move us to pray more[always!] Move us to be willing vessels for Him in anyway possible...and right now that is to Pray!

By HIS grace!

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