Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Come see us Decemeber 23rd

Anyone want to come and see us on December 23rd from 1-4? We will be hanging out with the abean2go they are offering up one last Christmas special. Great coffee. Great fellowship. Jesus. How can the day get better? We will be there with all our FEED [1] Orphan goods....shirts, keychains, necklace, and bracelets. Last minute shopping with purpose..

I can't wait to drink some
coffee...fellowship...drink more coffee...fellowship...drink coffee...oh and just for the fun of it drink coffee!
The kiddos will be with us...pray for us! iPhone's will be charged and dsi will have a charge and charger to keep the kiddos entertained...although the boys long time friend will be with us so the iPhones may not even be used.

Abeantogo is located on m15 in Goodrich Michigan.

Be blessed!

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